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Welcome to the Hi-Res Texture Packs Download Section

Below you will find Hi-Res Texture Packs for download which our EmuTalk members have worked hard on and released to the community to use and enjoy a new level of game play that the Hi-Res Texture Packs bring.

These files are compressed in the .rar, .zip and .7z formats and you will need a program to decompress them.

We recommend a free program named 7-Zip which allows these formats to be extracted.

Complete Downloads
Game Decription Author File Size Release Date
Fully Retextured

This is a FINISHED texture pack for Banjo-Kazooie. Nikachu 510MB
Split parts
22 March, 2013
Big Mountain 2000 Big Mountain 2014 is a High Resolution Textures Pack Project (RiceVideo) for Big Mountain 2000. BFrancois ? Project not yet online ?
Duke Nukem 64 This is a Duke Nukem 64 High resolution texture pack. This pack was made using the textures From the Duke Nukem Dd High Resolution Pack. SomeThing
Split Parts
20th July, 2005
Mario Kart 64 This High resolution texture pack by Kerber2k is as good as it gets when authors and members work together in pursuit of something amazing and the results are just that. Kerber2k 17.2MB 20th July, 2005
Mario Kart 64 For more information on this pack see the the mario kart emutalk thread Nes_player4life 13MB 22nd January, 2012
Mario Kart 64
Player Maps
This was Pietschie's first attempt at retexturing and the pack includes all textures that are used in the four multiplayer maps. Pietschie 17.1MB 14th July, 2008
Jabo Format
The classic Road Rash 64 is back!
After two years and endless dedication to finish this pack that contains 1,865 textures taking up about 407MB of disk space.
With Road Rash 64 Remastered Edition you can relive those laugh out loud moments that we love so much in this little masterpiece.
Linkstian 407MB 8th Sep, 2013
This project by MasterV is a pure joy not only because of his clear hard work but also just how the re-texture lifts the game up visually and really gets you stuck in further to the game.  MasterV 237MB
Split Parts
14th June, 2011
Sin and Punishment
This is the Vanit High Resolution Texture and Translation pack of the game Sin and Punishment.  This game was one of the most popular in Japan and was only ever released there, This sadly meant it was in Japanese and not English until now! Instead of the normal 'Rom Translation Hacks' this should be seen for what it is, a pure 'hard work and love for a project' work of art Well done Vanit. We look forward to more of  your next projects. Vanit 5.5MB 13th October, 2005
This is the fantastic Starfox High resolution textures pack by UnaidedCoders and was his first time at retexturing an N64 game. It is truly a show of hard work a love for a project and lifts the game immensely. Unaided
23.4MB 30th June, 2007
Super Mario 64
This is truly an amazing 'Work Of Art' in the world of Hi Res Textures. What elxuxi has done here is breath taking and a pure pleasure to use and lifts the game out of a classic to the realms of legend. elxuxi we salute you Nintemo
14.9MB 18th July, 2007
Super Mario 64
You will not find a better Super Mario 64 hires pack then this. Truly one of the greatest texture packs of all time. 
Mollymutt 66.7MB 20th March, 2008
Super Mario 64 Retro
This creative and unique take on Super Mario 64 is stunning and Risio with a 'Retro' come 'Cell Shading' technique and feel to the game has truly given us something original to play with.Our hat's are off to you and we look forward to many more fantastic projects from you.

This pack was created between 2005-2008

A future release is planed and will archived separately.
RiSiO 7.7MB 3rd October, 2005
Super Mario Sunshine 64
This Super Mario Sunshine 64 High Resolution Texture pack by Camden1101 is quite simply fun and again unique in the sense of how different it makes the game look and feel fantastic.What Camden1101 has done here is creative, clever and exciting to play with a feeling of a new game.  Camden
8.7MB 2nd January, 2012
Super Smash Bros

Pietschie & Bad  Randolphs Super Smash Bros. HD: This project started out with the intention to improve the graphics within the game so textures look sharper and more detailed when playing on HDTV/Monitor's Also the project captured the imagination of the emutalk members and has become one of the most popular ones and with good reason.
Preview the changes. HD Standard
52.6MB 12th July, 2012
Zelda Majora's Mask
This game is nearly 100% retextured. This project took me several months of work and I was very thorough. I hope this pack makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. A great thank you goes out to Djipi and mdta for allowing the use of textures made by them in this pack.  bluedar 407MB 3rd August,  2010
Zelda MM
Cellpack 2011
Djip's Zelda Majora's Mask Cellpack 2011 is just stunning, it really is just one hell of a project that has so much wow factor and picks MM up, holds it aloft and shouts 'I have the power' It is a true work of art that shows the authors time and effect in every frame and makes you appreciate it even more so knowing that fact as it unfolds in front of your very eyes. Although this project is only compatible with Glide64's latest plugin, it in no way diminishes the value or fun of how this game looks and feels as you play it. Djipi 133MB
Split Parts
25th December, 2012
Zelda OOT
Cellpack 2011
Djip's Zelda Ocarina of Time Cellpack 2011 is just like his MM project in the way or pure effort and devotion spent on the project, it really is just one hell of a project that has so much wow factor and as Link raises his trusty Master Sword and lets out a mighty 'By the power of The Deku Tree' It is also a true work of art that shows the authors time and effect in every frame and makes you appreciate it even more so knowing that fact as it unfolds in front of your very eyes. Although this project is only compatible with Glide64's latest plugin, it in no way diminishes the value or fun of how this game looks and feels as you play it.  Djipi 133MB
Split Parts
25th December, 2012
Zelda OOT
Manga Link
The intention of this project is to make Link look more 'Manga Like' as he did in  The Legend of Zelda series of comics published by Valiant Comics.  SusanXFox 1.8MB 25th December, 2012
Zelda OOT - Community Pack One of the most if not the most popular OOT texture packs of all time. EmuTalk Community 679MB Split Parts
Split DAT
9th September, 2010
Castlevania LOD At 98.3% complete and 2800+ textures this pack is a must have for anyone playing Castlevania. gitech 415MB 25th Feburary, 2008
Wave race 64 The Dave's astonishing cell shaded re-texture of Wave Race 64. While incomplete, The Dave is no longer working on this texture pack. The Dave 6.8MB 25th March , 2006
Incomplete/Wip Downloads
Jabo video plugin format
Incomplete/Wip Downloads
Game Decription containing links to the birth threads Author File Size Release Date
Banjo-Kazooie Loulof Loulovski's Banjo-Kazooie HD Texture Pack Loulof Loulovski 148.71 MB ?
Banjo Kazooie A high resolution re-texture of Banjo Kazooie Macphisto 45.45MB split files 3rd October, 2006
Banjo-Tooie retexture mostly GUI/items/text/speech bubbles cmbr NULL NULL
Doom 64 retexture Doom 64 re-texture by Dijipi Dijipi 1.63MB 29th January,
F-Zero X A fantastic retexture of F-Zero X by Kid A that works on improving the game quite accurately. Kid A  10.21 MB 17th March, 2005
Fifa '99 Fifa '99 retexture by Dejital Dejital 1.47MB 22nd March, 2005
LOZ Ocarina of Time

The purpose of this project is to completely retexture (replace low-resolution textures with high-resolution textures in) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest, with a more colorful and fantastical style, largely inspired by Skyward Sword.

Phantom7 145MB 7th Aug,
Monopoly 64 Monopoly 64 krhyluv 185.00kb 15th March, 2005
Paper Mario Paper Mario retexture DDRPIP 716.21 KB 29th July, 2006
Paper Mario - by j234 Paper Mario retexture by j234. j234 1.59MB 28th March, 2005

Paper Mario - by j234 and Djipi

j234's & Djipi's Combined Forces Paper Mario Retextures

Djipi 3.61MB 28th March, 2005
Paper Mario - by Mike Haggar Paper Mario - by Mike Haggar Mike Haggar 198.12 KB

20th May, 2005

Paper Mario Retexture - by Mollymutt A well improved paper mario hires project. Mollymutt, M[u]ddy, Klasa, djipi, mdtauk 46MB 24th March, 2007
Perfect Dark This project was started Jan 11 2012. gIn2d3 2.66MB 4th April,
SpaceInvaders 64 Retro meets realistic in this pack. Nes_player4life 8MB 11th,Dec 2013
Starfox 64 - by Eikef7 Starfox 64 retexture by Eikef7. Eikef7 1.09Mb 17th January, 2006
Team Starfox has never look better.
In this highqualty WIP the use feels embedded in the game.
Users have the option to switch between three styles of textures.

Razius has also given artest full rights to his textures as long as they give him credit for the files.
Razius 164MB
Split files
11th Jan, 2015
Starfox 64 hud and menus HUD interface, all of the fonts and most particles. MU-TH-UR 128MB 5th May,
Starfox - by Kid-A Starfox 64 retexture by Kid-A. Kid-A 421.09KB 22nd March, 2005
Super Mario 64 0.5.0 A 50% complete sm64 pack. Help is requested.
Contact MU-TH-ER/razius
11 split parts
2nd May,
Super Mario 64 Cartoon Mode7's superbly done re-texture of Super Mario 64 that offers a new approach to its design giving it a sort of cell shaded but organic cartoon look. Mode7 10MB 8th July, 2009
Super Mario 64 HD Early beta shows to pack to be flashy and sharp Mik35150 5MB 19th March, 2009
Super Mario 64 Font Texture Set Super Mario 64 Font Texture Set. stev418 2.36 MB 23rd December, 2005
Super Mario 64 Health Bar Super Mario 64 Health Bar. Minkster 559.39 KB 13th March, 2005
Super Mario 64 hq4x font Rice's hq4x font v0.2 Rice 32.45 KB 30th March, 2005
Super Mario 64 Project Restoration NULL Dub01 NULL NULL


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